How To Clear Your Sinuses in Seconds Using Nothing but Your Fingers

Stuffy nose and inflamed sinuses are conditions that make great discomfort and annoyance to anyone who suffers from them. The reaction in the sinuses can be caused by even simplest colds or allergy.

This discomfort people try to fix by using many medications, including pills, sprays, drops for inhalations, but some people even decide to do surgery.

However, many wise people today are opting for the alternative ways putting the medicine on hold. It is perfect to know that the sinuses can be cleaned only by using your fingers, which is very effective and a fast way.

What is the secret of this therapy?

The secret lies in the finger stimulation onto a certain spot.

1st Technique: Press between the Eyebrows and Use Your Tongue

Acupressure is suggested by one Reddit user, known as gymfork, which can be a very effective method for unclogging the nose. The point that needs stimulation is located in the oral cavity.

How to do:

–           Push tongue against the roof of the mouth

–           Push a finger against the skin between your eyebrows (spot called Yintang acupoint) at the same time.

–           The pressure lasts for 20 seconds, and then release. Immediately after you finish you should feel the mucus moving through the throat, which confirms that this simple technique works

2nd Technique: Apply Pressure across Your Eyebrows

This technique works best for stuffy nose and for upper sinuses.

According to Amber Lynn Vitale, a massage therapist, by only moving fingers across eyebrows you can get the desired relief.


How to do:

–           Rest head on elbows

–           Place fingers on each eyebrow beginning,

–           Leaning forward, when the pressure shifts, slide fingers to the middle of each eyebrow.

–           Fingers are released when the relief is felt,

–           Then slide the fingers to the ends of each eyebrow, holding firm pressure or moving fingertips in circles.

 This technique encourages the fluid to move away from the nose and sinuses.

3rd Technique: Take a Second for a Mini-Massage

To get rid of mucus inside the nose and sinuses the massage therapist, Heather Wibbels offers another option, which includes a few quick rubs.

How to do:

–           Cross hands to form a V shape

–           Lon both sides of your neck by using same rubbing motion

This technique will release the lymph fluid, vacuuming the fluid stuck in your sinuses and moving it away from the head.

If that is unpleasant for you, then try something else.

Keep Your Sinuses Active!

So, when treating your sinuses, forget the meds and use pressure instead. By using the above-mentioned techniques you will get rid of troubling fluid and clear the nose and sinuses effectively.


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