Lying In A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk

Researchers from the University of Loughborough, United Kingdom investigated the different methods of burning calories in the human body. Their studies showed that men who take a one hour bath in 40-degree Celsius water can shed as many as 130 calories. Comparing with walking it shows that it can replace approximately the same as a 30-minute walk.

In their study, the researchers had 14 men who performed a one-hour bicycle ride followed by a one hour bath in water (40C). The results showed that one-hour bike ride burned more calories, but the relaxing bath could burn as many as 130 calories, which was affected by the increase in body temperature. Their goal was to see the reaction of the raised body temperature by one degree Celsius over an hour.

The researchers’ goal was also to see the effects of a hot bath on blood sugar control, which is very important for the metabolism of the human body. Accordingly, they examined the participant’s blood sugar levels 24 hours after each experiment.

They found that the overall blood sugar was about 10 percent lower when the men took a hot bath for an hour after they exercised.

According to the conclusion of this research, the ‘passive heating’ helps in reducing inflammation and in Finland, it is used as a form of medical treatment. The men in Finland who visited saunas frequently reduced the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke.

Another study at the University of Oregon concluded that regular hot baths can help in lowering blood pressure.

The lead author of the study, Steve Faulkner, in an interview done with The Conversation, explained that many cultures swear by the benefits of a hot bath. The main benefits of the recent studies are linked to understanding how passive heating improves health.


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