10 Foods That Unclog Arteries Naturally

Blood vessels are responsible for carrying blood from the heart to other organs and in opposite directions. Arteries are blood vessels that are transporting nutrients and oxygen from the heart to all other parts of the body. Any case of clogging arteries may cause the development of cardiovascular disease, so why it is crucial to keep blood vessels clean.

This is why people deserve to know how to unclog their arteries.

There are some principles that everyone should follow to keep them clean, such as:

–           Eating healthy food,

–           Working out,

–           Introducing healthy changes in the diet

What are the foods that belong to a healthy diet? Keep reading this article and you’ll find the top 10 foods that are a real cleanser of your arteries.

1.         Apples

When it comes to unclogging arteries on a first place are always mentioned – Apples.  The scientists at the Ohio State University state that the apples prevent plaque buildups in arteries. There is a proven finding that only a single apple per day will reduce bad cholesterol by 40% if following that regiment four weeks.

The effectiveness of the apples is due to the containment of the antioxidants and polyphenols, which prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Oxidizing toxins is actually the process that hardens your arteries.

2.         Fatty fish

Fatty fishes (mackerel, salmon, sardines, and tuna) are perfect for clean arteries. They contain Omega-3 fatty acids that have the power to unclog arteries. In addition, fatty acids prevent hypertension and blood clots and reduce inflammation in blood vessels. 

The American Heart Association strongly recommends eating fish at least twice a week, as that baked or grilled fatty fish will reduce plaque buildups in arteries.

3.         Avocado

Avocados are another powerful cleaner of the arteries, due to the compounds they contain, such as fiber, protein, and vitamins.

Experts suggest using avocado instead of the regular butter, mayonnaise, creams, and salad dressings. Scientists of the US National Institutes of Health found that regular consumption of avocado lowers bad cholesterol by 11-22 percent. 

The compounds found in avocados are good for you heart.

4.         Broccoli

Due to the vitamin K in broccoli, according to Joe Pizzorno, medical expert, it is a powerful vegetable that prevents blood clotting.  Another compound found in the broccoli is fiber, which is very useful for lowering blood pressure.

Broccoli also relieves the stress plaque buildups and bad cholesterol in the arterial wall, which helps to keep your arteries unclogged and your heart healthy.

5.         Coffee

About the benefits of the coffee, there are different opinions. Many studies are against drinking too much coffee, staying that it is bad for the overall health. However, according to the experts of the University of Western Australia, coffee offers a few great benefits, including unclogging arteries and reducing the risk of suffering a heart attack by 20 percent. The dosage they recommend is consumption of eight to 16 ounces a day.

Its healing effects are due to the high amount of antioxidants that it contains.

Note: make sure you drink moderate amounts of coffee.

6.         Nuts

Walnuts and almonds are great food for your heart, as they contain alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, protein, and fiber.

Nutrients in nuts clear arteries naturally and reduce inflammation in blood vessels.

7.         Spinach

Homocysteine levels in the body can be regulated by a serving of spinach a day. The level of homocysteine is should be balanced in order to prevent the development of heart diseases, such as atherosclerosis and clogged arteries.

You can eat it in soups, add fresh spinach to your salads, sandwiches or smoothies. It can be also combined with lemon and apples.

8.         Watermelon

The amino acid that unclogs arteries – L-citrulline can be found in watermelon. It is also packed with nitric oxide, which helps the heart to work properly, lowering blood pressure and clearing blood vessels.

Adding a slice of watermelon to your salads and salsa or having it for dessert, will be a better way to give your food a fresh flavor and keep your blood vessels clean.

9.         Oranges and citruses

The fiber pectin found in oranges and citruses has excellent ability to clean arteries and lower the bad cholesterol. According to the experts of the Harvard Medical School is necessary to avoid completely junk food, and add to your diet more citruses. This way of diet will help you to prevent cholesterol buildups, to boost immunity, and help your body to fight against infections and diseases.

10.       Asparagus

Plenty of vitamins (B1, B2, C, E, and K), fiber and minerals make asparagus one of the best foods for your arteries. This veggie is well – known in supporting the production of glutathione, which has the ability to prevent the oxidation of toxic substances in arteries. Also, other components in asparagus, such as alpha-linoleic acid and folic acid, minimize the hardening of blood vessels.

Final words:

For better results, you can also combine a few of the aforementioned ingredients. Applying these heart-friendly foods in your diet will protect your heart and your overall health, but do not combine them with sugar and saturated fats.


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