People Who Cry During Movies Are The Strongest People Of All

Crying is a natural response of the people to a variety of emotions, including sadness, joy, grief, or frustration.

Many people, during their entire lives, are being discouraged to freely express their emotions, as they are being told that crying is a sign of weakness and a reason for shame. Over time, they learn to swallow the tears and express themselves in a more suitable manner. Holding back the tears for some people seems to be unable when they are at the cinema or in a theatre. Many of them are often considered to be emotionally weak in such situations.

However, that’s not true and can be treated as a stereotype, as these people are apparently much stronger than we believe.  Those people are, just highly empathic and tend to identify with other people. They are, actually trying to understand other’s people motivations and feelings, completely. 

Empathy is, usually linked to emotional intelligence, which is an ability prominent among the highly successful individuals and great leaders. They are mentally tough and know how to react and share the emotions of others. These people are, in fact, more generous and sociable.

According to Roger Ebert’s movies are windows in the walls of the box where the people live. They can be very important as they can allow anybody to enter other minds and see the world as another person sees it.

For that reason, it is better to stop judging if somebody feels like crying or sees someone crying while watching a movie.

Benefits of crying

People may try to suppress tears but scientists suggest that doing so could mean missing out on a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Has a soothing effect
  • Calm themselves
  • Regulate their own emotions
  • Reduce their own distress

2.         Gets support from others

Crying can help people get support from others around them.

According to a 2016 study, crying is primarily an attachment behavior, as it rallies support from the people around.

3.         Helps to relieve pain

4.         Enhances Mood

5.         Releases toxins and relieves stress

6.         Aids sleep

7.         Fights bacteria

As tears contain a fluid called lysozyme, they kill bacteria and keep the eyes clean.

8.         Improves vision

Helping to keep the eyes moist and preventing mucous membranes from drying out, the tears improve vision.


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